​January 2018 cruise to Forgetaboutit Pizza
The Lineup
We made it and are headed in for some great Italian food
Skipper says that it is thumbs up
Rex looks like he is ready to order some food
​Veterens car show 2017
Good bye Al and Patti
We gave them a plaque to remember us and the fun after their move to Montana, you will be missed!
​                   Make-A-Wisk 2016
                        Kars for Kids Show at Young Park 2016

On April 9th some of the Cruisers Unlimited members joined with members of other car clubs for an all clubs cruise. Starting at Young Park we cruised over to the Pit Stop on Motel Blvd for burgers and a chance for us to get to know each other better.
Starting at Young Park we got ready to cruise.
When we got to the Pit Stop we lined them up and when in for some really good food.
March 2016 Club Meeting La Posta in Mesilla. Lots of good food, drinks, and most of all spending time together.
Al Kaimpton Win Best of Show at 1st Annual Freedom Rally 2015
Jacob and David Cheek Having Fun!
Cruisers gathered together for dinner at the New Mexico Classic Car Show - Make-A-Wish
There is nothing like a little rain at a Car show
Make A  Wash 2015
Great Friends Dave & Pat
Doing Car Shows Together
Helping each other - Putting back in the motor of David G
El Camino
David,Skipper, Greg & Pat
Pot luck at a members home before the Oct. meeting, the rest are inside getting seconds
Pot lucks are a combination of good food and good friends
Pot luck before the Oct meeting
Gathering up for a run to Hatch NM Nov. 16th 2014
In Hatch Sparky's is the place to go
Good friends, good food, and live music can it get much better. Oh Jim was out for a walk when the picture was taken.
Novembers Meeting was held at the Main Street Bistro. As usual there was truly good friends, good food, and good conversation. Some members arrived after the picture was taken, get you next time
Welcome to Cruisers Unlimited Car Clubs Christmas Party
We were lucky that Dave and Kazel's home was big enough to handle all of us. Thank you two for such a great party!!!
And lots of good food - yummy
It was so good that maybe we should we have seconds
The new club shirts are on display at our February 2015 club meeting